Information for Presenters and Session Chairs


The program is published on the website.  All times shown are AEST (Organizer reserves right for changes).


Please check that your information is correct in the program.  If any changes are needed, please send the information to

Presenters have three (3) options for presentations:

  • Live presentation in person

  • Live presentation at the announced time via Microsoft Teams

  • Pre-recorded video presentation and joining live for the Q&A session

    • Deadline for pre-recorded video is 29 April 2021

      • The simplest way to record a video is to have a Teams meeting on your own and record your talk in the meeting

    • Please deliver your video to (i.e. using wetransfer)


If you are presenting live via Teams, you are responsible to share your slides/screen in the Teams meeting.  If you pre-record your talk, organizers will play the video in the livestream at announced time.

Session Chairs will control the length of the presentations and time left for Q&A.  We will send a calendar invitation regarding each session to the Presenters and Session Chairs.  Session Chairs should contact the Presenters to discuss how to run the session.

Information session for Session Chairs (held in English on April 14) can be watched here

How the sessions are organized in the virtual platform

Presenters and Session Chairs join the Teams meeting to run the session (links will be updated in the calendar invitations).

Participants of the event will join our virtual platform.  Organizers will stream the Teams meetings to our virtual platform and the participants can ask questions using the chat box.  Session Chairs should monitor the chat box to pick suitable questions to ask the Presenters.

In the Teams meeting there is also a project manager and technical supervisor present. They will make sure that the session runs smoothly in technical terms.

All the sessions will be recorded and the recordings will stay in the platform for 60 days.


Cover slide (please use this also as virtual background when presenting)


Selection of background slides

  • You can use these or your company's own slide template

Here are some guidelines to consider when preparing your presentation:

  • Name your objective clearly and be sure to present the core of the content. Make your presentation easily understandable!

  • You can talk about your company, but the main focus should be in the core of the content.

  • Know who you are speaking to.

  • Make your presentation visually interesting.


How to present:

  • It is always good to stand up when presenting.  Place the laptop at your eye level.

  • Look at the camera.

  • Rehearse the timing in advance.




If you are not familiar with how Teams works you can find more information about it by clicking here.

This link explains how to share your slides in the Teams meeting

You can test to join a Teams meeting by using this testing link


We are organizing two rehearsals for presenters.  In these rehearsals we will show the presenters how the virtual platform works and how the sessions are run in Teams. Both rehearsal sessions have the same content.


Rehearsal 1 - April 29 at 9.00 AEST LINK TO JOIN
Reherasal 2 - April 29 at 16.00 AEST LINK TO JOIN


Please ensure you have registered for the Congress.  You will not be able to join or present at any session without registration.  

Keynote speakers are have free registration to the whole event.



Please contact your Session Chair regarding content or regarding technical issues.