Western Sydney University
IPC 2022 featured speaker

Dr Khoa N. Le received his Ph.D. in October 2002 from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. From April 2003 to June 2009, he was a Lecturer at Griffith University, Gold Coast campus, Griffith School of Engineering. From January to July 2008, he was a Visiting Professor at Intelligence Signal Processing Laboratory, Korea University, Seoul, Korea. From January 2009 to February 2009, he was a Visiting Professor at the Wireless Communication Centre, University Technology Malaysia, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.


He is currently Associate Professor and Director of Academic Program, Undergraduate, Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering, Design and Built Environment, Kingswood, Western Sydney University.


His research interests are in wireless communications theory with applications to structural, construction management problems, image processing and wavelet theory.


Dr. Le has been Editor for IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, IEEE Wireless Communication Magazine, and IET Signal Processing. He is Bayu Chair Professor, Chongqing University of Science and Technology, Chongqing, China, 2020-2022.

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Technology and Its Impact to Building Construction Research

As technology evolves, it carries with it the world. Modernisation has forwarded mankind to new ground with the arrival of Fifth-Generation (5G) wireless networks which simultaneously brings opportunities and challenges.


Construction has chronically been relying on site visits and interviews which appears to be outdated in this new age where computers are mostly responsible from the minute details to the biggest scale. For example, we are living in the era of advanced wireless technologies, whose impact to construction research has not yet been thoroughly considered.


Recently optimisation for green building design has been successfully performed using signal processing techniques. However, the deployment of advanced technologies to building construction research does not yet stop there but it extends far and beyond the horizon.

This presentation shows the effectiveness of advanced technology to building construction research. It then briefly outlines possible impact that technology could offer to the building construction research. From the lowest level of physical layer to the application layer and something in between. Technological details will be discussed and their possible impact to different facets of building construction research will also be considered.