Liang Zheng

Australian National University
IPC 2022 featured speaker

Dr Liang Zheng is a Senior Lecturer, CS Futures Fellow and DECRA Fellow in the School of Computing, Australian National University.


He is best known for his contributions in object re-identification, and his recent research interest is data-centered computer vision, where improving leveraging, analysing and improving data instead of algorithms are the of primary concern.


He was/is a co-organiser of the AI City workshop series at CVPR and is an Area Chair for CVPR 2020, ECCV 2020, and ACM Multimedia 2020, 2021, and an Associate Editor for IEEE T-CSVT. He received his B.S. degree (2010) and Ph.D. degree (2015) from Tsinghua University, China.

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The Promises of Synthetic Data in Computer Vision

Data collected from the real world is usually viewed as the engine for computer vision research. Their limitations are obvious: expensive, hard to be modified, unknown environmental compositions, etc.  In comparison, synthetic data, e.g., from simulation engines, mitigates these drawbacks, but its role is severely underestimated due to the so-called appearance gap.


In this talk, I will answer some interesting questions around some new and critical roles synthetic data takes in the community: what makes a good synthetic training set? How is a synthetic test set validated? When does the synthetic-real domain gap disappear?