leapcraft (Denmark)

vinay venkatraman, ceo and founder
innovation world cup competitor

Vinay Venkatraman is the CEO & Founder of Leapcraft, where he shapes strategy and impact plan towards building healthy and sustainable urban habitat. In the past, Vinay has co-founded the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, developed a successful and award-winning innovation consulting practice helping develop products for many global brands including Nokia, Philips, Lufthansa Technik, Toyota and Asus amongst many others. Vinay is also sought after as a prominent keynote speaker and has spoken at many global forums including TED. Vinay’s passion lies at the intersection of design, data and science to tackle some of the major global challenges like clean air and water, energy and sustainability. Vinay’s work has also been recognized in multiple awards including the Danish Design council’s, IBM Watson and the European product design awards.

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When Spaces Have Voices:
Design & Monitoring of
IoT Driven Healthy Buildings